Peepshow Inc’s extensive body of work 2003-2013 includes visually stunning, immersive theatre which speaks honestly of simple things. Working largely non-traditional venues, this independent company liked to challenge and provoke audiences with a unique blend of visual, physical and sensory theatre. With a keen eye for subversion and the surreal, Peepshow Inc created live performance experiences which actively engaged a diverse range of audiences, offering accessible journeys into new worlds that were both beautiful and grotesque.

Based for much of its life at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, Peepshow Inc operated as a not-for-profit incorporated association. Working at a range of scales – from the company’s miniature theatre, the Puppet Peepshow, to its larger scale ‘puppet opera’ and site-specific work – Peepshow Inc had a distinctive theatrical voice and was committed to creating challenging new work.

Peepshow Inc. Company Showreel (2008) from Peepshow Inc on Vimeo.